Saturday, 31 December 2011

1000 Miles Mummy

As you may have noticed, I've changed the name of my challenge slightly as I think '1000 Miles Mummy' is more catchy. Plus that's my handle on Twitter so it makes it a bit easier to keep track! Watching me trying to use Twitter for the first time is like watching Bambi learning to walk, but I'll get there!

The challenge starts tomorrow - I'll be honest, I'm feeling apprehensive. It's one of those "can I really do this?" moments, but I have plenty of motivation and I'm already surprised and touched by the positive feedback and support I've received. My main concern is fitting the challenge into my life. I'm a single mum studying for a History degree with the Open University whilst desperately trying to keep my house in some sort of order! My plan is to walk early on in the day so that it'll blow the cobwebs away which will then leave me better prepared to study when I get home.

Although, best laid plans and all that!
Please keep sharing the blog and my various pages that are now straddling the internet. Your support is so greatly appreciated, thank you! x


  1. I feel totally inspired by what you are doing Heather! I think its a fantastic challenge and one that you and Lola will be able to do together and have (hopefully) lots of fun! Will definitely be keeping an eye on your progress - and like I said anything I can do to help just shout! Good Luck Louise xxxx

  2. Thanks a lot Louise! Really helps to know we've got lots of support behind us! Hoping to raise lots of money for a great cause. Fingers crossed Lola won't suddenly decide she hates her pram or I'll be in trouble! xx

  3. How many times have you heard your 4 year old ask this question from the back seat of the car as you drive the last hundred miles home after the summer vacation. On the outward journey the question was Mummy, are we there yet And, despite the fact that the holiday home was still four hours away, the question kept coming every five minutes.