Wednesday, 4 January 2012

12 miles down, 988 to go!

Just got back in from my fourth walk - this time I decided to walk up to Tesco to buy a birthday card for my sister. I checked my weather app which said that it should be dry between 9am and 10am, so I set off just after 9am. My feet weren't as sore as I was expecting, they still hurt but I don't think I've done any more damage!

We were almost at Tesco when it started to drizzle, and it continued to drizzle all the way home. It was quite refreshing though, really, as I was getting pretty hot under all the layers! Lucky I went when I did though as it's just started chucking it down, don't fancy walking in that again!

So that's it - 12 miles down and only 988 to go! Please keep sharing my blog and supporting my challenge by donating. As fun as this is, it's also really important. Today, 17 families will lose a baby at a very late stage of pregnancy, some within days of their due date. This cannot be allowed to continue. The work that Tommy's do is fundamental for the protection of babies during pregnancy. Please give anything you can!


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