Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2 - Ouch

After starting the day at 5:30am (thanks Lola!), I was pretty tired but I know that walking the 3 miles only takes me about an hour, so it's not a massive sacrifice and doesn't take up much of my day. I've decided, rather than just ambling around the place with no destination, to try and build things into my walks so that I can get things done at the same time. So, thanks to the death of my phone last night, I decided to walk up to Carphone Warehouse to start the next chapter of phone-life.

I was better prepared this time, I wore my walking boots which last saw the light of day in August 2008 and were still caked in mud from Leeds Festival! This meant I no longer had to fear puddles, which was a relief as there were a lot of them. Luckily, it wasn't raining today, it was pretty windy though and my ears soon started to burn with the cold.

I took shelter in Carphone Warehouse for half an hour or so, during which time my judgement seemed to lapse and I entered a 24 month contract on a new phone despite originally planning to just get a monthly rolling sim. But hey ho, that's life!

So me, Lola and my new Samsung Galaxy SII had a nice stroll home, but by this point, my walking boots were really starting to grate at my ankles. I wouldn't mind, but I'd followed my mum's advice of wearing extra socks and I even put a plaster on each ankle before I set off. They're not blistering yet but no doubt they will be by the end of the week! So I'll be having a hot bath tonight to try and pamper them, my poor feet are going to fall out with me this year!

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