Saturday, 7 January 2012

21 miles done!

Yay! My first 21 miles are now complete! Only another 979 to go!
Our walk this morning was a quick one - I had to drop Lola off at my Mum's so that I could go to Liverpool for a university tutorial (as it turns out, the tutorial was cancelled, but I only found out once there - doh!)

The weather was okay, there was a 50% chance of rain but I managed to time it right so that we avoided it.

So how would I sum up my first week? Eventful, successful, surprising, motivational and inspiring. I'm totally blown away by the response the challenge has had. To think that I'm just £15 away from hitting the halfway mark of the fundraising target I'd set for the entire year is just madness! I've now got over 260 followers on Twitter, over 50 on Facebook, I've had a blog written about me and been invited to take part in guest blogs. The support I've received is unbelievable - people offering to write to companies for sponsorship, others offering to promote my challenge to their friends, not to mention the amount of re-tweets I've had! Celebrities who have re-tweeted so far are:

Sid Sloane (CBeebies)
Dr Hilary Jones
Sadie Frost 
Tamsin Outhwaite 
Angela Griffin
Lisa Faulkner
Sarah-Jane Honeywell (CBeebies)
Ryan Thomas
Keith Duffy
Annabel Karmel
Carol Vorderman
The Jeremy Kyle Show
One Born Every Minute
Kate Silverton
Lauren Laverne
Dean Piper (Sunday Mirror)
Natalie Cassidy
Emma Forbes
Savannah Miller
Arlene Phillips

And that's just in the space of one week!
This coming week, I'll be starting a new feature on my blog. Each Wednesday will be the turn of a guest blogger, someone who has experienced stillbirth first hand. I want to share their experiences in order to highlight just how important Tommy's' research and work really is. If you'd like your story to be featured, please get in touch by leaving a comment below or email me at 

That leaves nothing else to say except thank you so, so much for all the support and encouragement you've given me so far! I'm really excited about continuing the challenge. Please keep spreading the word and donate anything you can to - thank you! x

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