Sunday, 22 January 2012

Feeling brighter

Well after yesterday's struggle and exhaustion, I wasn't exactly looking forward to my 3 miles today, but I think my hot bath last night did me good as I actually quite enjoyed it. Once I'd got over the hurdle of the first mile or so, I got into the swing of it and just powered on. I only got rained on during the last couple of minutes of the first half before seeking shelter at my cousin's house. The walk back was dry although it's still really bitter - really cannot express how much I'm looking forward to the weather being warmer!

Anyway, I've discovered a new way that I can prevent my hair from getting absolutely soaked/turning into an afro during my walks. It's not the most stylish of solutions and if you're at all fashion conscious then I definitely wouldn't recommend it, but basically I wear a hat with ear flaps that tie under the chin, then tuck all of my hair into it at the beginning of the walk (before it's started to rain or got caught in the wind). It gets pretty hot and uncomfortable after a while but it's a good tip for if you're walking to somewhere that requires you to look half decent!

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68 miles done, over and out!
Thank you!

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