Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week 3 begins!

Wow can't believe it's only week 3, feels like I've been doing this forever!

We went on another (very cold) walk this afternoon, I stupidly opted for pumps instead of my walking boots so my feet were absolutely frozen by the end of it! We stopped off at my house on the way round to get Lola some crisps as she was getting a little bit restless, she's full of cold so needs lots of cuddles! But you wouldn't think it looking at this photo...!

In other news, a friend suggested today that it would be a good idea to promote weekly or monthly donations rather than just one-off donations. That way, it's not such a big lump out of your pocket all at once, it's spread across a longer period of time. Every donation really does give me a boost - remember that I'm going to be doing this for the whole year, so I need lots of support and need to know that I'm continuing to raise money, even if it's just a couple of pounds a week!

So if you don't want to pay in a lump but would like to give something, how about considering a small amount each month, say a couple of £, or perhaps 50p a week, or whatever it is that you want to give. I'd really appreciate it and Tommy's will benefit so much from the money raised!

I've now raised £305, so just £195 to go until I hit my original target of £500! So exciting! Please keep sharing with your friends and ask people to support by donating to

Thank you so much! x

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