Saturday, 14 January 2012


Wow, today was cold! I even had to de-ice my car this morning, first time in about a year! Still, having said that, I wasn't actually that cold during my walk. I think it made a big difference that the air was quite still, there wasn't much of a breeze and so it didn't feel as bitter as it did at the beginning of the month when it was howling. I didn't even have to wear a hat today! Although I did stick my walking boots and 3 pairs of socks on - I braved it in pumps yesterday but wasn't prepared to freeze my toes off today!

So that's 43 miles done as of today, we're almost half way through our first month woo!

Still not hit the £300 mark but I'm sure we'll do it soon, maybe I should post some more photos of me shivering in the rain to make you feel sorry for me!!

The link to donate is

Thank you!

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