Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 complete!

Today is my little sister's birthday - she's 20 - happy birthday! My little girl is also 22 months today, madness!

I couldn't decide what time to set off this morning - my weather app said it would rain from 9-11 but outside it looked pretty clear, so I decided to take the plunge. I walked to my Mum's house to give my sister her present. The walk there was so windy and horrible - pushing the pram was a nightmare as the wind was constantly blowing against us, at some points, I couldn't even move! The pram cover kept blowing off and to make matters worse, I found out that I can't stream Spotify on my phone unless I pay premium, despite the fact that it worked fine yesterday. So I walked with no music on yet still had my earphones in as it muted out some of the wind!

My weather app said the winds were 50mph and it felt like it too! My friend has had her shed roof blown off today, and the park looked like it had taken a beating too with branches sticking out of the pond!

I stayed at my Mum's house for a little while and then decided to put Lola down for a nap. While she was asleep, I walked back home to complete the 3 miles. This time I was walking in the same direction that the wind was blowing, so it was so much easier, plus I didn't have the pram which made it almost enjoyable! The weather was dry, still very windy, but quite warm towards the end of the return walk, so it was quite pleasant.

My feet were also hurting a lot less today, think I've finally started getting used to the walking boots, they felt a lot more comfortable than usual!

Please, please keep donating!
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Thank you! x


  1. Hey, I'm sure you won't mind but just wanted to let you know that I've done a blog post about you

    Good luck with your amazing journey! x

  2. wow thank you, I've just read it, that's so lovely of you! I'm really touched, thanks so much x