Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 3 - Wind!

Today I was joined by the lovely Alex who stupidly agreed to walk 3 miles with me in what can only be described as gale force weather! He very kindly pushed the pram for me the whole way into town though, so I can't complain! We were walking against the wind the whole way there which was horrible, really cold and poor Lola's eyes were watering by the end of it!

We decided to stop for some lunch at Marks & Spencer's which was such a relief, it was so nice not to have to walk almost horizontally just to make it through the wind! Lola had a good time too eating her pizza while Alex and I thawed out.

Before we set back off on the other half of the 3 miles, I decided to stop off at Primark seeing as I lost my gloves this morning. I bought a lovely warm hat, a big fluffy scarf and some mittens, as well as some thick socks as my shoes were starting to really hurt my feet again. In the end, I looked like this:

Lovely and warm but I looked absolutely ridiculous!
At least it didn't rain!

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