Saturday, 21 January 2012


I think all the walking has finally caught up with me. I'm so flaked out this afternoon, Lola is in bed having a nap and I just feel exhausted! Walked another 3 miles today, half of which was spent battling against the wind which was blowing against us, which was made worse by the rain and the fact that I had the rain cover on the pram. I might as well have stuck a sail on the pram! It was horrible. The way back wasn't too bad, at least it didn't rain! The wind was behind us which was better, but it was still very difficult to keep control of the pram and I almost got pushed into the road at one point! Plus Lola kept rocking back and forth which made it even more difficult to keep momentum going. Oh dear, not a good walk today!

But - 65 miles have been done now so yay! Fast approaching the 70 mark and I think I'll be at about 90-odd miles by the end of the month, so that'll really feel like an achievement. I think as I enter February I'll get a boost from knowing that (hopefully) the worst weather is behind us. At the moment I feel like I'm constantly ducking and diving the rain and having to take ridiculous amounts of clothing out with me just to stay warm! Can't wait until the Summer and I can go out, wait for it...without a coat!!! Amazing!

Please sponsor me at - I've raised £325 now which is just fantastic, so so pleased! It really does give me a push every time I see that total go up, so please give anything you can. Thanks! x

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